Credit Card Payment

Right now RoadNavi use Paypal payment gateway which is the most popular & safer way to pay. Good news is that Paypal also support Credit card. Check below if you don’t know how.

  1. Click Paypal button in shopping cart



2. Click Pay with Debit or Credit Card button




15 thoughts on “Credit Card Payment

  1. Chaves says:


    I have problems paying by credit card..
    can you please solve the problem so that i can place my order.


    • RN-Tao says:

      Thanks for the information. You’re not allowed to pay by using a local credit card or Paypal and ship to China. This is for buyer’s protection in case your account was stolen. Please ask your friend in China to Pay for you, or Pay us via Bank/Western Union.

  2. Chaves says:

    only a few weeks ago I ordered and paid more than 800 dollars which I paid for with my Visacard. For insurance reasons I don’t want to pay in another manner. I don’t understand why now I suddenly cannot pay with Visa. Does your site maybe have an error. Paypal or banktransfer is not an option for me,
    Amsterdam the Netherlands

    • RN-Tao says:


      Usually we not accept western union bcz is very troublesome and high hand fee to get the money from it.

      May I know what model you intersted, if amount reach 500USD, we tell you info., to pay western union.

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