RN Android S150 Firmware Upgrade

The following firmware update for roadnavi android s150 system now available, contact us for updates, or check updates and download on our forum for free.

Model No. Fit for car
I001-1 Nissan
I003-2/-3 Ford Mendeo
I005 Skoda Octavia
I006-2 Hyundai Azera <2011
I008 Hyundai Santa Fe
I009 Honda CRV
I010I-1 Toyota General
I012 Mazda 6
I013 Buick Excelle
I016-1 VW Passat
I016-2 VW Passat canbus
I017 Peugeot 307 W/O can
I018 Toyota RAV4
I019-1/-2/-3 Opel Astra H
I020-1 Chevrolet Captiva
I020-2 Chevrolet Captiva
I021 GMC
I023-1 Kia Series
I024-1 Hyundai I30 low version
I026-1 Mitsubishi ASX
I028 Toyota Auris
I035 Toyota Highlander
I037/-1 Mitsubishi Lancer
I041/-1/-2 Kia Sorento
I042 VW Touareg
I043-1 Hyundai I30
I044-2 Honda Civic old
I045 Chevrolet Cruze
I047-1 Hyundai IX35 2.0L
I047-2 Hyundai Ix35 2.4L
I049 Audi A3
I050 Audi A4
I052-1 BMW E46
I053 Suzuki Vitara
I056 Mitsubishi Outlander
I061 Subaru Lagecy
I062 Subaru Forester
I063-1 Toyota Altis/ Corolla
I064 Toyota Camry
I065 Toyota Prado 2010
I067-1 Hyundai Verna/Accent
I068 Mercedes A/B
I071 Toyota General
I074 Kia Sportage low
I074-1 Kia Sportage high
I076 Kia Soul
I082 BMW E39
I087 Benz Smart Fortwo
I090 Mercedes E class
I091 Kia K5 Optima
I092-2 Hyundai Elantra3
I093 BMW E90
I094 Mitsubishi L200 Low
I094-1 Mitsubishi L200 High
I095 BMW E90
I096 Mercedes SLK
I097-1 Mazda CX5
I102 Audi A6
I106 Kia K2
I106-1 Kia K2
I109-1 Chevrolet Captiva 2012
I111 Honda CRV 2012
I111-1 Honda CRV 2012 with AMP
I124 Isuzu SX4
I131 Toyota Camry 2012
I132 Honda Civic 2013
I133 Toyota verso
I140-1 Ford Focus classic
I140-2 Ford Focus classic
I143 Toyota New Hulix
I145 Megane III
I148 Ford Exploer
I154 Nissan Patrol
I156 Hyundai I30
I157 Renault Duster
I158 Ssangyoung Actyon/Kyron
I159 Ssangyoung Korando
I170 BMW E class
I171 Benz old C class
I172 Hyundai I40
I182 Landercruiser 2012
I203 Chevrolet colorado / S10
I209 Hyundai IX45
I216 Kia CEED 2013
I217 Kia Picanto
I218 Kia Soul 2012
I220 Mecerdes S class
I223 Mazda CX5
I224 Kia Sorento 2013
I226 Kia Cerato 2013
I230 Mit Outlander
I233 Hyundai H1
I234 Toyota Etios 2013
I239 Hyundai HB20
I245 Ford Ranger
I246 Seat Ibiza
I247 Toyota RAV4 2013
I250 Fiat Bravo
I257 VW Golf7
I269 Ssangyoung Lester
I279 Skoda Octavia 2013
I280 Kia K3
I305-2 VW General
I307 Toyota Corolla 2013r
I325-1 Kia Sportage 2013r
I345-1 Kia Optima 2014
I361-1 Hyundai Tucson 2014r
I381 Toyota Landcruiser
I802 2 Din
I804 2 Din

Use our conversion card, you can upgrade your S100 WinCE OS to S150 Android.

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59 thoughts on “RN Android S150 Firmware Upgrade

  1. mahmoud says:

    Recently I installed navigation i381 with resolution 1024×600 size 10.2 inch android 4.0.3 21141106
    I need help why installing google service giving incompatible with application shared I’d
    also google play is very old version and not accepting to install any other version to go for Gmail or YouTube always says I have to install google service
    Requested for help
    How I can check for the last android firmware

  2. Dan says:

    How can I upgrade my EDT-1042 Android 2.3.4 to other more recent Android version?
    Where can I get the download link?
    Thank you very much.

  3. lucas says:

    Que tal podrías pasarme los firmware para I001-1 Nissan android 4.0.3. Y no me aparece en el menú la opción upgrade.. Pongo la sd y prendo el equipo con el botón src ?lucascarrizo82@gmail.com

  4. André de Magalhães says:

    Please, I need some help. I want to upgrade my unit (c207) to android. Is there any firmware available or boot card in the shop?

  5. Art42 says:

    Hello! I need firmware l109-1 for Chevrolet Captiva 2012 Where you can download it? Do I need a password to download?

  6. Luis Teixeira says:

    I have a I802 with the original version. There is a newer compatible version? if so, where can perform a download? Thanks.

  7. Taha says:

    Je possède depuis quelque temps un autoradio s100 mecedes w203 version wince.
    J’aimerai bien savoir si puisse je mettre ajour mon firmware et passer à Android version.si oui me decrire les etapes à suivre et le lien pour telechargment.
    Merci d’avance.

  8. marcelo says:

    Hola necesitaria saber si se puede actualizar un s100 con wince 6 en mi automovil ford focus 2 ghia con canbus ya que tiene comando al volante que comanda varias funciones del equipo. No se cual sera el modelo de la lista que ustedes detallan. Me aseguran que podria funcionar los controles del volante y que pasaria del sistema wince a android ? cual seria el valor que debo abonarles y como seria el pago y el envio del upgrade ? Desde ya gracias

  9. papy90 says:


    Purchase SD card conversion S 100 / S 150 white and black screens with vertical line right side.
    Forcing change motherboard C 145 for android.
    Help thank you

  10. Mark says:

    I have a S100 C072 for an Astra J, I see that’s not listed in the options for the upgrade card I would like to buy. is there an alternative that would be compatible?

  11. Gabriel says:

    I would like to up-grade my S100 under Windows CE6 to S150 under Android. I got an Opel MOKKA from 2015. Please tell me if it is possible and how?
    Thanks in advance.

  12. Sean says:

    Hi, Can this be updated/flashed to Android?

    FYI: System in installed on Honda Odyssey 2004.

    OS: S100-UNI.A20131219-A2.1
    APP: S100-V1.0.9.0
    MCU: F00K S00B C013
    DVD: 3227 V100 7706
    BT: 20121204
    CAN BUS: —–
    OEM Info: A002

    Thank you,

  13. marcel says:

    Hi I have the S150 I143 (Toyota Hilux new) did this unit have build in wifi or dongle? I have lost the nav card can you supply me with one and lastly is there any firmware upgrade for it as its still running android 4.0.3

  14. moh fawzy says:

    i bought a s150 for my Hyundai elantra 2013 with 4.03 android
    i have some problems
    1-i cannot download or update from google play store or 9 app
    2-i have always a message about gapps has stopped (unfortunately the process com.google.process.gapps has stopped ) msg. ,i don’t know why ?
    3- i didn’t find my Hyundai boot logo when i start instead nissan boot logo
    4-i have downloaded i092-2 firmware for my device and i tried hard many times to update my device or change firmware but the device cannot enter to upgrade mode after i put my sd card in gps slot


    • RN-Tao says:

      1. S150 4.0.3 is a very old version which cannot compatible with most of apps in google play store
      2. Try flash the firmware, note the S150 firmware was not updated since two years ago, thus you cannot expect it fix bugs
      3. You can choose Nissan logo in the logo setup
      4. Make sure correct file structure in your sd card, make sure your unit is complete power off before updating.
      5. For more assistance, please contact your vendor.

      • moh fawzy says:

        1-can u tell me instructions in detail to set up my new firmware from sd card
        2-about logo i mean nissan boot logo appeared when i turned on my unit but i want hyundai logo which i couldn’t find in boot logo settings ( HOW CAN I ADD HYUNDAI BOOT LOGO TO BOOT LOGO SETTING LIST)
        3- from ur words i understand that my error msg (unfortunately the process com.google.process.gapps has stopped ) may be fixed if i flash firmware and may be still existed,is there any way to terminate it permanently


  15. Mohammed Moosa says:

    my current build is:

    Build number:
    rk3188-eng 4.4.4 KTU84Q eng.rks160.20160612.202946
    MCU: 6160628A
    FLASH: A006

    can i get the latest

  16. Rolan Schaeren says:

    Hello I’d like to change from windows to android on I008 Hyundai Santa Fe CM 2010. Where can I download the software?

  17. dompachoco says:

    I’m just updating my S100 firmware in my Hyundai ix35 2.0L, i’m just accidentally put off the power while on the process of updating. When i just turn it back on the screen goes to white and i’m not able now to view the icons which is visible before i updated the unit.
    Do you think my mother board is damaged & just need to replace it with the new one? or Sofware problem only.
    Kindly please give me some advise what i’m gonna do.
    Thanks & Regards.

  18. Hassan says:

    Mme, sir,
    Please, i need a firmware for chineese s90 car dvd for x35, because i can’t find how to open secret menu to change language or wallpaper…

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