RoadNav S160 Dual UI Android Infotainment System Released

Function characteristics:

Vehicle class Android latest operating system, lead the smart car life;
Big screen with capacitive touch and support multi touch;
With 1024*600 resolution, it is the ultimate visual feast;
Miracast& Airplay big screen share apps (one-way) ;
Intelligent dormant when turn off the ACC;
The built-in 16 G hard disk and three ways copy;
Speed 3G, enjoy the built-in WiFi;
Built-in original Map in time traffic status report;
Easy to update system, just insert the SD card to GPS slot, user-friendly.


Android latest smart car machine operating system

25 seconds to start;
Strong built-in chip, main control RK PX3, (1.6GHZ frequency 4-Core), 16G hard disk, 1G memory;
Big screen with capacitive touch, 1024*600 high resolution, clear image/video display;
Use 10.1 inch multi-touch capacitive big screen, with excellent sensitivity;

Miracast & Airplay big screen share apps (one-way)

Support miracast (Android) & Airplay (iPhone) protocol, via WI-FI transmit the data rapidly;
Let you go to share the Navigation, video, music, photo, etc. in the big screen from the smartphone. The
strong wireless equipment make you enjoy your happy time;
Support Android phone version 4.2 and above. Support iPhone iOS7.0 and above.

Intelligent dormant when turn off the ACC

The unit will dorment with black screen when turn off the ACC, but it can still work another five minutes .When there is a call in this five minutes period via Bluetooth, the unit can wake up to support the driver to make a normal call.

Free download vast Android applications

Free download various applications in the Android Market. There are thousands of applications in the Android market, games, skype, MSN, Youtube, Twitter, Google Latitude, E-book, Gmail, etc.

3G WIFI Network

Through the WIFI/3G Device, you can connect the internet to search the internet, mobile telecommunication, Mobile office, network telephone, VOIP meeting, network communication, network game, data download, Email, Fax and so on. Fast, stable and reliable.

1080 HD video playback

Support playback of video file (MP4) in the hard disk, USD, SD cards and other connected devices, display HD picture and beautiful sound.

Quality Audio Sound

Special EQ balance audio processing technology and efficient digital signal processing system. Custom sound equalization settings, high, mid, bass, pop, classical, jazz style settings and spectrum display function.

Built-in original Map real-time traffic status report

High precision GPS module, fast signal receive and stable, hot start just need 1 second;
Free genuine German map, dynamic real-time broadcast traffic, 3D stereo city bring you beat all visual experience;
Intelligent voice navigation, let you drive more safely, experience the intelligent voice interest point search fun and network intelligent search;
Real time traffic whenever and wherever, planning ahead of time travel plans, share their position quickly and easily send the location information to your relatives or friends;
Enjoy the free genuine German map upgrade.

Bluetooth phonebook

Convenient hand free call and Bluetooth music, build in phonebook auto search the contacts, synchronize your mobile phone book to the device;
Support calls the passive import mail list;
Support disconnected automatically after the removal of the phone book;
Phone book synchronization mobile phone language;
Support for the third party.

The built-in 16 G hard disk

Build in 16 GB Hard Disk, download thousands of songs, management as same as PC.

CAR DVR (optional)

Auto start the full time HD video, escort for you or record the scenery along the way;
With the host communication interface, can be manipulated by the host, can also be the key operation;
High storage efficiency, standard 4G card, can be used 100 minutes (25 minutes /G), TIF card memory, maximum support 32G
Multi mode video: computer, television, mobile phone.

Radio Function

The built-in vehicle level radio module, support RDS;
FM/AM, high sensitive digital tuner, more strong signal, support FM/AM searching, storing, frequency showing, music adjustment and can be stored 99 stations.

3D Stereophonic Sound Processor

The 3D sound processor enlarges the listening zone of conventional surround sound and enables perfect audio imaging for all listeners.

Digital TV(optional)

Digital mobile TV, the region receives signal strength to 1-8 channels, you can learn the current news, the Financial reports, so you can Master the stock market and other information at the drive time;
Foreign countries (analog TV, full system receiving module; support the digital television, DVB-T, ISDB supports dual tuner).

Intelligent parking system

Lens video input, an accurate grasp of the rear road, reversing as forward as comfortable, more safer and convenient;
Intelligent configuration, when reversing it will automatic switching a rearview camera, support the reverse on boot function, high-definition digital camera.

Built-in classic games – reminds your S100 time.

322 thoughts on “RoadNav S160 Dual UI Android Infotainment System Released

  1. RN-Tao says:

    S160 Specifications

    Main CPU 瑞蕊微(RK RK3188)
    CPU main frequency 1.6GMHz, 4-Core Processors, Increased performance
    DDR Ⅲ 1G standard ROM
    Flash/Hard disc capacitance INAND FLASH 16G
    Resolution 1024*600 HD screen 65000 color colorful display
    Android 4.4.4 OS, fast response, stable system
    Capacitive multi-touch screen
    Support high-definition screen, support LVDS input
    Built in WiFi

    GPS Receiver

    Frequency 1575.42MHZ C/A CODE
    Protocol standard: NMEA-0183 V3.01
    66 channels for searching
    Satellite – 22 channels for tracking.
    Tracking sense -164dBm
    Locate precisive: 3m 2D
    RMS receiver module: G591C GPS1613

    BT module

    Working frequency: 2.402GHZ-2.480GHZ ISM Band
    MIC sense: -42dB BC5 Bluetooth module BT MDC732

    Radio module 7706 IC
    Video decoder – All format decoding, support 1080P
    Audio decoder – America TDA 7415CB(Better sounds)
    Amplifier IC (TDA 7851L), High power, low dissipation

    • Wallace says:


      means “M012 Mazda 6” -> Mazda 6 (2010-2012) or the new one?
      I drive a Mazda 6 GH (from 2011) with Mazda Bose Sound System with BT.

      Is this a Universal 2DIN Device or like S100 C012 Mazda 6 GH 2012?
      Will the Bose sound system and steering wheel remote control supported?
      Are now all RDS Functions available, like “Kris” has asked?

      Could you send me an email when the device is available?

      THX four your Support.

      Many greetings from Germany.

      • RN-Tao says:

        Model M012 Mazda 6 is the correct one for your car.
        It supports original bose sound system and steering wheel controls.
        RE RDS, I am checking more details for you.
        The device is available for order now, it will take around 5 working days for production.
        USD439 free shipping to Germany + free maps.
        We will offer you a $30 discount if you’d like to return the forum and give a review for it.
        Please let me know if you ready to order, we will prepare a link and discount code for you.
        30 day money back guarantee.

        • Aleksandar says:

          Just to inform You. I’ve got M012 on my Mazda 6(2012). It’s working fine, but “mode” button on steering wheel doesn’t work. Beware of that, and people from Roadnav won’t help at all.

          • RN-Tao says:

            Please get support from your vendor first, as a reseller, we’re not obligate to provide free support for all users from the world, it’s a big deal, we just don’t have the time to do that. We built the forum so you guys can help each other, but there is no guarantee that all issues can be fixed.

    • Caner says:

      I need a satnav for a seat ibiza 2012 do you sell the models for this ibiza?

      And what is the discount code if you leave a review on the forum? And how much is it?


    • Alain says:

      Hello, i purchased s 160 unit for kia sportage 2014, the main issue i need is the mirrolink via usb cable from my phone, so i can fully control my phone and apps from s160 console. Please we need this option how can i make it work . too many videos on youtube shows mirrorlink working via the cable on such models
      Thank you waiting your prompt action

  2. RN-Tao says:

    Available models S160 FYI, more info check Development Progress of RoadNav S160 Android Multimedia GPS Navigation.

    M003 Ford Mendeo -2
    M005 Skoda Octavia
    M006 Hyundai Azera OLD -1
    M008 Hyundai Santafe old
    M009 Honda CRV old
    M010 Toyota universal
    M012 Mazda 6
    M015 Cherry
    M016 VW Passat -1
    M017 Chev Cobalt LT -4
    M018 Toyota RAV4 2010
    M020 Chev Captiva -2
    M021 GMC Yukon 2013 -1
    M023 Kia Cerato 2010 -1
    M024 Hyundai I30 low -1
    M030 Hyundai I20
    M034 Mazda 3 2011
    M035 Toyota Highlander
    M037 Mit Lancer
    M038 Kia Forete
    M043 Hyundai I30 -1
    M046 Kia Cerato 2009
    M047 Hyundai IX35 -1
    M053 Suzuki Grand Vitara
    M056 Mit Outlander 2010r
    M061 Subaru Outback
    M062 Subaru Forester
    M065 Toyota Prado 2010
    M067 Hyundai Accent/verna
    M068 Mecerdes A/B class
    M071 Toyota universal
    M074 Kia Sportage
    M0750 Hyundai Sonata 2014
    M086 KIA CEED
    M087 Benz SMART
    M091 KIA K5
    M092-2 Hyundai Elantra 2012 -2
    M092-3 Hyundai Elantra 2014 -3
    M093 Benz C class
    M096 Benz SLK
    M097-1 Mazda CX7 -1
    M106-1 KIA K2 -1
    M107 Chev Aveo
    M111 Honda CRV
    M111-1 Honda CRV with AMP -1
    M124 Suzuki SX
    M131 Toyota Camry Euro 2012
    M132-1 Honda Civic 2012 -1
    M133 Toyota Verso
    M140-1 Ford old Focus -1
    M158 Ssangyoung Acton
    M159 Ssangyoung Korando
    M161 Mazda 3 old
    M171 Benz old C class
    M172 Hyundai I40
    M179 Suzuki Swift
    M196 Nissan Sylphy
    M198 Lifan X60
    M204 Kia K3
    M212 Mazda CX5 7 inch
    M213 Mecerdes ML350
    M215 Benz R class
    M216 Kia Ceed 2012
    M217 Kia Picanto 2013
    M218 Kia Soul 2013
    M220 Mecerdes S class
    M222 Ford F150 2012
    M223 Mazda CX5 8 inch
    M224 Kia Sorento
    M230 Mit Outlander
    M231 GMC Yukon 2013
    M233 Hyundai H1
    M242 Nissan Teana/Altima 2013
    M246 Seat Ibiza
    M247 Toyota RAV4
    M249 Hyundai IX35 2012
    M250-1 Fiat Bravo -1
    M259-1 Hyundai Sonata 8 inch -1
    M263 Grand Cherokee
    M269 Ssangyoung Lester
    M274 Nissan Livina
    M278 Kia Carens
    M284 GMC Acadia 2013
    M305 VW
    M307-1 Toyota Corolla
    M308 Toyota Auris 2013
    M325 Kia Sportage
    M332 Chev SPIN
    M337 Suzuki S cross
    M345 Kia K5
    M345-1 Kia K5 with AMP -1
    M347 Toyota Prado High
    M347-1 Toyota Prado low -1
    M353 Nissan Qashqai 2014
    M359 Hyundai Elantra
    M360 Hyundai Elantra 2012 8 inch
    M361-1 Hyundai Tucson 2015 -1
    M370-2 VW Magotan 2007-2013 -2
    M380 Toyota Venza 2013
    M383 Toyota Fit 2014 LHD
    M385 Kia Cerato RHD 2013
    M396 Honda City 2014 RHD
    M417 Hyundai Sonata 2015
    M418 Toyota Corolla 2014

  3. Kris says:

    How is RDS supported ? Only station names ? Or full support inclusive RadioText string display (Artist&Song info, 64 characters buffer length) ?

  4. henrik says:


    Does this work with TomTom traffic navigation. And is it android 4.4.4 or 4.2.2 and ist it pure android or not and what cost it for Mitsubishi Lancer 2010,please contact me fast because I must deciede to buy new navigation or only buy the board for my s150. Because all lamps light and then comes a bip and goes out and start again so goes it all the time. I don’t know if is only the cpu board or other.

    I live in German

    • RN-Tao says:

      It is pure android 4.4.4. OS with 1024*600px capacitive touch screen.
      I am emailing you about price, there will be a discount if you could share your using experience on the forum.
      I am not sure about tomtom navigation, we’d like to test if there is an app download link?
      We can check what problem you have for the S150 unit if you could take a short video and show us, we can also help you to resell the s150 unit if you want to get rid of it. A trade section will be available on forum shortly.

  5. Tizzi says:

    I got the Kia Sportage (model 2011), so could you tell me if it is M074 Kia Sportage or M325 Kia Sportage and does it available for buying. Please email the price.

    Thank you

    • RN-Tao says:

      M074 and M325 both fit to your 2011 Kia Sportage, the difference is M325 has a bigger 8 inch screen than the 7 inch M074 has, M325 is in stock and ready for shipping, I am sending you an email about price and pictures.

  6. Mohamed says:

    Hi, I am looking for unit that will fit the 2014 Mazda5. Will the S160 be released for that? do any existing S100 or S150 units support this car?

    • RN-Tao says:

      Yes there will be S160 android system for Honda Accord M089, the bad news it won’t be so fast you have to wait around 3 months for the production.
      You can preorder for a discount and we will try to push for the early production.

      • Greg says:

        I really hope it will be ready in July for Honda Accord EU 2010, anyway why is taking so long , really is a lot of people who are waiting for this model

    • RN-Tao says:

      M124 is available for order, it will take 10 days for production.
      Price USD439 free shipping to Hungary, we’d like to offer a discount if you leave a review on forum.

  7. Esther says:

    Dear Sir,
    Is the s160 available for Mercedes w203 (2004) yet? Can you inform me about the price/shipping to the Netherlands?
    Thank you.

  8. Beo says:

    Hi, RN-Tao.

    Please send me details about buying S160 for Honda CR-V 2012+ (M111 as I understand).
    In the list I see two M111-models avaible for my CR-V. Which one is suitable for a Honda CR-V EX-L (with the factory subwoofer installed) ?


  9. sppgeorge says:

    Hi! I own an AUDI S3 8L 2003 with 2-Din dashboard. Does s160 fit my car? Can you tell me the price for it including a digital camera, a rearview camera and wifi? If it doesn’t fit my car is there another option?

  10. Evangelos Mindis says:

    Is this a dual motherboard solution like others on the market?
    Like having Windows CE 6 on the first motherboard strictly responsible for navigation and Android for anything else?
    Will you let me know if and when it will be made available for Hyundai i30 (2007)?
    Kind Regards

    • RN-Tao says:

      It comes with pure android 4.4.4 OS, dual UI design does not mean dual motherboard.
      What you mentioned is the very old designs like for dynavin products(I think three years ago), which is a fake android with a lot of complaints.
      Please keep an eye on the update of the model for Hyundai i30, you can be rest assured that the performance is much much better.

  11. sppgeorge says:

    Hi Mr. RN-Tao again!
    Is there a universal model of S160 that can be fitted to almost all types of car (by using an aftermarket fascia adapter)
    I’m interested for my AUDI S3 8L 2003 with 2-Din dashboard.
    Than you in advance for your patience.

  12. Mrsoft says:

    Dear sir,
    Is s160 availaible for mercedes A class w176 2014 year?
    I know s150 one but it is 4.0 Android and less performance that s160 one.

  13. antonio says:

    Hola, quisiera saber si esta el modelo s-160 para Chevrolet captiva del año 2011 con GPS en navegador de serie. Gracias

  14. Dave says:

    Has his model support for FIS screens?
    What’s the price for a MB SLK R171 delivery to Spain?
    Best Regards

  15. Isaac says:

    Hi would you please send me an email when there is a S160/S180 unit available for the chevy cruze?

  16. Konstantinos Galanopoulos says:

    I have purchased the new Kia Sportage 2015. I am interested on buying the M325 Kia Sportage SatNav S160 2010-15. My car has steer wheel buttons, bluetooth carkit factory installed and usb input. If I purchase this item,with the canbus decoder which is inside the package will they be functionable and compatible 100% all these?

    Also the M325 has an output for connect directly a passive subwoofer or should I connect an amplifier firstly?

    The greek language is an option at menu and navi search and audio directions?

    Is there a dedicated rear view camera for my model or should I buy the universal rear camera that you have at your site?

    The M325 is compatible with the DVR CP6005 1280P.

    If I purchase the DVB-T HD CP1808 will it be compatible with the M325 and the Car Shark Antenna for Radio GPS GSM DTV?

    The DVB-T HD CP1808 has an antenna inside the package?

    How much is the whole cost for the M325 + DVBT MPEG4 CP1808 + reverse camera + CP6005 DVR + Shark antenna? Shipping cost for Greece?

    Do you have the full specs of inputs outputs watts ohm etc?

    • RN-Tao says:

      M325 Kia Sportage is in stock. It support original steering wheel controls, but the factory bt will be replaced, you have to use the unit built-in Bluetooth feature.
      I cannot guarantee the steering wheel 100% work with original Bluetooth control (phone pickup/hang off), it was replaced.

      Does your car has factory amplifier system?

      We can send you a dedicated camera.
      You’re right CP6005 DVR and CP1808 is specially designed for RoadNav products S100/S150/S160. CP1808 Digital TV antenna is included, you don’t have to buy the shark antenna.

      The unit itself has built-in amp, it also support RCA FL/FR/RL/RR 4-line output, it can support pre-out for subwoofer if you require, like S100/S150.

  17. Greg says:

    Is there any progress in the production of navi device for Honda Accord EU (Spirior) 2009 and newer ? When will B ready?

  18. santiago says:


    I have 2009 Mazda 6 year…
    Have you s160 model in stock?
    This model have a usb conection?
    Have a video input for use the screen?


  19. Sageatak says:

    Hi would you please send me an email when there is a S160 unit available for the Opel Corsa (2007)?

  20. dani says:

    Hello, we are interested in several of the Audi A4L (B8), you have to sell to this model? You can send me when you’re going to have my email? Thank You

  21. Javi says:

    Hello. I’m also interested in the a4l model (A8 ) please let me know when is the release date of Roadnav s160 .
    Thank you.

  22. Nikita says:

    Hello. I’m also interested in the a4 model (A8 2013 year).
    Please let me know when is the release date of Roadnav s160 M310.
    regards, Nikita

  23. Jose says:

    Hello. I’m interested in the Roadnav s160 M233 for Hyundai H1.
    Please let me know when is the release date and the price with shipment to germany. Is also the an option for DAB Radio.
    regards, josé

  24. javier says:

    I wonder if the A4L model for Audi A4 (B8) is compatible with the Bang & Olufsen sound system from Audi. I would also like to contact a dealer or distributor in Spain if any.
    Thank you.

  25. Paolo says:

    hi, very very very interesting product.
    finally android with the uptodate hardware
    i’m interesting for my audi a5. is there the s160 for me?

  26. Nikita says:

    I have one more topic, hope you can clarify it and calm Audi owners.
    Several guys in Russia pre-ordered S160 for Audi Q5 at the internet shop selling Winca/Roadnav. ( Sorry, page in russian, however you can see m149 Unit there.
    And just yesterday one of them wrote on Audi forum that Roadnav(Winca) answered to their s150 shop that they have problems with integration between Android OS and Audi Canbus and pre-ordered units will not come. At the moment they are returning pre-paid money. Of course this is just rumor, I have no proof, but I see many requestors for AUDI cars here. And I am among them.
    Can you comment the real situation with AUDI A4/A5/Q5 (M310, M149) family? What are perspectives?

    • RN-Tao says:

      Your source is correct that due to redesign PCB board and re-program can-bus data, this unit won’t be ready so fast. Sorry I don’t have an estimated ready date to share.

  27. PAolo says:

    Perfect Mr. Tao
    is the mask the difference. thanks

    now the question is.
    when i can buy it (m310 quad core) and where???

    best regards

  28. meck says:

    need this navi for a Peugeot 207 1.6 HDI 92 PS Bj. 01/2012
    KBA: 3003 AKH with Steering wheel control and PDC.

    Greetings from Germany

    • RN-Tao says:

      Hi meck, model M207 Peugeot 207 S160 android won’t be available until this Nov. I am adding you to the inquiry list so that we can keep you updated as soon as it becomes available.

  29. Gabor says:

    i would like to use this navi for a Peugeot 207 CC with Steering wheel control.
    Can the Android system use the GPS? My favourite navigating software is Sygic on Android.

    Thanks and greetings from Hungary

  30. Stoyan says:

    HI! Does the M003 S160 support the original steering wheel volume control? If it does, Is the canbus included, because it is not pretty clear from the specs you have posted. Regards!

    • RN-Tao says:

      Yes it come with canbus decoder which support original steering wheel controls.
      Click “additional information” tab, you will find it listed in What’s Included.
      1 x Power cable, 1 x GPS antenna, 1 x SatNav Map Card 8GB, 1 x RCA AV cable, 1 x Camera-in cable, 1 x USB cable, 1 x Radio antenna adapter, 1 x Remote controller, 1 x Microphone, 1 x User’s manual, 1 x CAN-bus decorder

  31. Hetea Florin says:

    Hello there,
    I’m interested to S160 for my VW T5 Caravelle (no Multivan) from 2005. What is suitable for my car: VW Passat B5 M016-1 M016-2 or VW Passat B5?
    My car does not have CAN Bus! Could you give me an offer make the shipping to Austria? Thank you

  32. s2803 says:


    I’m interested in S160 for my car Mazda 6 GJ (2014). Does the item support the steering wheel, the commander, the original rear camera, Bose and the car settings (for example the light sensor setting)? I’m looking forward to hear from you.

  33. Segundo Mendez says:

    Hello. I’m also interested in the Peugeot 2008, please let me know when is the release date of Roadnav s160 or s 150 .
    Thank you.

  34. Diego says:

    Hi, i just received a S160 Unit for a VW Sharan.. I have Dynaudio sound, and im trying to add a recently bought Focal Ibus 20 to the car, but i cant find the subwoofer output on the S160.. I can see the menu where you can change sub crossover and gain, but i cant find the output to connect the sub.. Anybody could help me? What im misssing?

    Thank you so much in advance!

    • RN-Tao says:

      That one does not have a sub-out as it utilize unit built-in amp out, but there are four line-out(#13 cable) ready for external amp which can work with your focal ibus 20 by using a device like low-pass filter.

    • RN-Tao says:

      Good news – Now we can add a pre line-out for SUBWOOFER if you required when making order, it will take us 1-2 days to add this feature, just like S100/S150.

  35. ALBERTO says:


    Could you tell me the approximate date would be ready for the Audi A4L android S160 .

    We are interested .

    Thank you.

    Alberto .

  36. Diego says:

    RN-Tao, please i would like to have your answers to my last questions.. Please if you prefer to not to publish answers here, use my email to send answers… I also have contacted on CONTACT FORMULARY on your website one week ago, and have no answer yet.

  37. JULIO ALBERTO says:

    Good evening;

    Be ready for this year for Audi A4L S160?

    If not this year, that month of 2016 will be ready?

    Grace and greetings.

    Julio Alberto.

  38. Alberto says:

    Dear sirs,
    does the model S160 correctly fit Ford S-Max model year 2011-14?
    CANBUS, sheering wheel commands, phone, without loose the other steering wheel commands (cruise control, display, …)?


  39. Diego says:

    I wanted to know first if is possible to be sending video output from s160 always to headrest screens, because for the moment i only have video output when i see DVD films or TV Tuner.. but for example when i play a videoclip on mp4 format, from VIDEO i can only see on s160 (main screen) with no video on headrest screens.

    Is possible to fix this with a firmware update or something like that?
    I would pay for it.

    Let me know.

  40. Calvert says:


    Is there a s160 for ford ecosport 2105 titanium model? Will this retain all the alarm promts and system maintenance prompts? Will it also be compatible with ford sync and my steering control? Thanks

  41. Andres says:

    Hola gracias por la respuesta e visto el modelo del video y no coresponde con el mio yo tengo chevrolet captiva del año 2014 modelo europeo qué lleva la pantalla separada de la unidad espero q me podréis decir si tenéis algo compatible y q sea con sistema operativo Android gracias

  42. Vlad says:


    please be so kind and list all the file formats S160 supports for audio and video.

    Is it possible to remove the ANDROID text and logo when the device boots ?

    Is it possible to run external .apk ?

    Thank you and best regards

    • RN-Tao says:

      Hi Vlad,

      Android could suppot all formats only if the APK you download support.

      Roadnav could delete the Android text and logo by making you special firm, which cost extra. pls send mail to for details.

      You could download APK by computer or from S160 unit, both could be installed in S160 system and use.

  43. Pedro says:

    I have a Chevrolet Captiva ( first version, year 2008 ) and I want to use the S160 platform. The Version for Captiva second version seems to fit ( the top dash is moved down and the screen is placed on upper “hole”.
    Please see the photos at this link:

    the dashboard frame supplied for the captiva version 2 is not used on version 1.
    Do you think this will work with the S160 version for captiva 2? I

  44. Gazzaar says:

    Bought an s160 for my mitsubishi outlander, the product is great quality and works well. The support from Tao was 24/7 without question, when I needed assistance it was there whatever the question. These systems are a little more complicated to install than a basic radio unit so assistance was always going to be needed. So with a little tweaking of settings I eventually got everything going and I’m really pleased with the final product. Thanks guys.

  45. dr mohamed moawad says:

    thanx and may i ask if this m145 could be with a wireless rearview camera and if you have an documented agent in cairo egypt or i must ask for shipping from you

  46. Dan Vlad says:

    Land Rover Evoque will be supported in future ? The multimedia OEM unit is way outdated even for the newest models.
    Thank you.

  47. Torben Jantzen says:

    Is there a unit for my Opel Astra J 2011? What is the prize? Where are the unit being sent from, thinking of tax etc. if its sent from outside europe :-)

  48. Jesús says:

    HI, I’ve a Seat Altea 2014 with a Seat Media System 2.2 (same as RNS-315) including DAB (European) and Bluetooth. Do you have a S160 or better model to substitute it?. Is the S160 compatible with the external micro of the RNS315 (I prefer to use it)?. Does the S160 include DAB?. Some friends with a vw golf have bought this unit and have some problems with radio reception, is there any issues with the radio?. I’m from the Canary Islands (Spain), how much is it including shipping to Canary Islands?.
    Regards and thanks for your answers.

  49. Calvert says:

    Hi Tao,

    Is there a s160 for kia sorento 2010 model? If there is, is there any known issues with its compatibility with the whole car system? Thanks.

  50. Ace says:

    I have 2013 Skoda Yeti and I was wondering if the M305 will fit and fully support CAN-BUS with steering wheel, original parking sensors, air condition display, doors display etc. ?

    Do you provide Can-Bus included with this unit ?
    Please email me full pricing and shipping costs.. Thanks

    • RN-Tao says:

      M305 is also for Skoda Yeti 2013, it came with the new version CAN-bus decoder with support for steering wheel controls, original parking sensors, air conditional display and door display etc. $319 + shipping, you’ll find total cost as soon as you add product to cart.

  51. Adi says:

    Hi ! for citroen c4 2012 ?

    I want to know if I also show instant consumption , distance, how many kilometers we went, trip 1, trip 2.?, open doors etc.!?!? They are compatible with buttons on the steering wheel with Navigation system

    Thank you

    • RN-Tao says:

      You need model M241 Citroen C4 DS4 Media SatNav 12-15.
      Yes it show instant consumption, distance, kilometers, also support original steering wheel controls. I am not sure about what you meant “trip 1/2”, can you explain more for checking?

      • Tibi says:

        I mean when I say trip 1 or 2, distance (km) traveled from point A to B, what I had consumption to 100 / km (
        gasoline consumption) , the speed with which I went, average speed over distance.

        • RN-Tao says:


          If your OEM CD player could display info. of comsumption for trip 1 or trip 2, our unit could also show the same.

          It is completely compatible with original car computer.

  52. Yildiz says:


    I have a Seat Ibiza 2012. I want to buy this navigation but can i watch TV on it, if I only buy the navigation. Or do I need to buy another part for it?

    Thank you

  53. ALBERTO says:


    Buenos dias;

    Estara listo para el mes de Marzo el modelo S160 para audi A4L?

    Gracias y saludos.

    Good morning;

    Be ready for the month of March, the S160 model for Audi A4L?

    Thanks and regards.
    Sugerir una edición

  54. artesis says:

    .Good morning.

    I have a 2010 Audi A4L I am very interested in installing a model S160 browser, could you tell me if you are prepared for sale.

    Here in Spain there is a great nemero of interested in the team, maybe we could make a joint purchase. If not dodavia

    prepared the team could point me to be ready when.


    • RN-Tao says:

      There is no plan for production of M310 A4L, this is due to very limit market need. If you can connect 50pcs (group buy), we can initial a production immediately. We will offer a 10% discount for group buy order.

  55. toljand says:

    HI,I have problems connecting (s160 \m056\ mitsubishi outlander) to the Rockford fosgate,subwoofer settings does not work,the amp starts to work only in the ACC ON.
    canbus connect -connect failure.

    Firmware have following data:
    Model: M056
    Android ver: 4.4.4
    Kernel version 3.036+
    Mon Dec 21 15:19:48 CST 2015
    APP Version: Part9 2015-10.20 15:25
    MCU Version: 01512170.A
    Flash Version: A004
    Build number: rk3188-eng 4.4.4 KTU84Q

    • RN-Tao says:

      Is it the original Rockford Fosgate audio system? You need to check where the sub-woofer get power from. CAN-bus connect failure is normal, what is the P/N# on the decoder?

  56. Dale says:

    Hello, first let me say I have the S160 Android 4.4.4 Navi for my 2013 Ford F150 and I love the quality and look of this unit. I do though have three small issues. One, the air conditioning and heating page keeps constantly popping up randomly which is very annoying, the DVD player always comes up showing a bunch of Russian language and I only speak and read English and finally, every Android APP I’ve tried to download from the Google Store says its not compatible and won’t let me. Is there any kind of firmware update that might fix these issues? Plus, is there a way to integrate my OEM backup camera into this unit? Your product really is great and makes my truck look awesome so thanks for the amazing product!

    • RN-Tao says:

      You can either disable the popping up feature completely or try changing to the latest CAN-bus decoder. Download the latest firmware in it fix google play store error, for not compatible apps it is due to Android version, try to get downloaded .apk installer online. We also recommend kotix S160 ROM which is a really nice mod for your S160. Yes you can still use OEM backup camera by using a RCA adapter.

  57. toljand says:

    I haveS160(m056). I have Mitsubishi outlander (2009) with Rockford Forstgate sound sistem (amplifier).

    My problems 1 – S160 start working whenever the ignition locking system is in the -ACC- possition.But sound(amp) start working whenever the ignition locking system is in the -ON- possition.

    My problems 2 – Doesn`t work separated set-up Subwoofer.But this function in menu is not active.It`s adjusted only with door speakers.

    May be the problem is with canbus? May it`s not working with Rockford forstgate.(foto)

    I tried all canbus connection variants
    I tried all canbus type.
    I tried 4 AMP option:

    1.Built-in adjustable :
    This variant is the best from these 4 variants.But on high volume the bass in the door speakers is very distorted(bad)(door plastic rattles).
    On high voiume I hearsome noisy cliks.

    2.External adjustable :
    Volume isadjusted,but very silent.

    3.Built-in fixed :
    The sound is always on maximum,but I can`t adjust him.

    4.Exsternal fixed :
    The sound is very silent,but I can`t adjust him.

    Everything What I did,it’salways show on display –
    (Canbus connect – Connect Failure)

    In my original stereo i put bass in door speakers to minimum and bass in subwoofer on maximum.The sound was high quality.

    Rockford Forstgate sound sistem have digital amplifier

    • RN-Tao says:

      1. press ##0323 in BT menu
      2. press Diall in BT menu
      3. enter into factory setting
      4. AMP type, choose Bult-in fixed
      5. adjust the host volume from 1-40 see which volume make SUBWOOFER working
      6. if 1-40 not help. Please set volume to 1
      7. set AMP type to External fixed
      8. adjust the host volume from 1-40 see which volume make SUBWOOFER working
      9. take pic and feedback which volume value work, then we write in program and send new firmware

  58. Maurizio Spasaro says:

    I’m interessed to a s160 device for my Dacia Duster with DVR and TV box.
    Is ready to ship (in italy) or a i have to wait for it?

    How is the status for DAB receiver?


  59. Ruben Javier says:

    when are you upgrading the firmware to Android 5.1.1 Lollipop?

    since other brands like Joying are already using it with the same motherboard for ther Android autoradio Headunits and the videos on their youtube channel shows boot times of 15 to 17 seconds with this upgrade

    I (and many others) would be very interested in this upgrade by Roadnav, since I know many people like me that is just wating for small boot times to buy a Android Headunit, and we like Roadnavi CAN BUS support and extras

    Im in Spain and my vehicle is a Peugeot 307CC, here the Tuning and aftermarket Headunits are very comon in Peugeot-Citroen

    Thanks in Advance

  60. thomas says:


    i have a s160 m140 unit. i have a problem: when i turn off my car i can’t turn on the unit without acc on .i think it is the intelligent dormant function.Can you help me?

    i want to turn on my unit without acc

  61. Jelle says:

    Hello Sir.
    I have a Suzuki S-cross 2015 (m337 perhaps i need), but will the steerwheel-keys work and the original camera (behind) for parking?
    Will you sent me please a photo with the front and back side of the player?
    The original camera has a yellow plug (tulp in dutch) to put in.
    thnx and grtz.

  62. Michele says:

    Vorrei acquistare questo modello per la mia seat leon fr del 2013, c’è qualche coupon sconto da poter utilizzare durante l’acquisto? Grazie.

  63. Mika says:

    I have Audi A4 B8 2008. year of product. Has a audi cd changer package, (no concert or symphony) with optical connection. Please send me an email when s160 or s180 is available for my car. Greetings from Serbia

  64. vk4akp says:

    For Australia. Holden 2004 VY Series II Commodore Executive Wagon. You have now?

    Can you show picture of front of actual unit please? And I would love to do review for discount code also thanks.


      • vk4akp says:

        Hi, Yes I know the product is M238. And I have emailed your support also. They requested a picture of my current stereo for some reason which I supplied.

        However none of my actual inquiry questions have been answered.

        I’d like to see an actual *real* photo of the unit to confirm it’s appearance. Not just an art drawing like on the website. Also confirm it has 1GB RAM? Your spec’s say ROM!

        There are other questions also. Please refer to my email.

        Thank you.

  65. Francesco says:

    Ciao io ho una Opel Astra J di gennaio 2011 ed ora ho montato di serie CD400. Avrei un paio di domande prima di acquistare:

    – è possibile modificare i colori del lettore mp3 e della radio e renderli simili ai colori dell’astra?
    – l’autoradio modifica anche la lingua OSD dell’automobile?
    – la spedizione avviene dalla Cina? Si pagano dazi doganali?

    Grazie, Francesco

    • RN-Tao says:

      Hai bisogno di modello M072
      1) è necessario installare ROM personalizzate se si desidera modificare l’interfaccia utente delle applicazioni
      2) il supporto di radio italiano e altre lingue come segue:
      3) Sì, nave dalla Cina, cliente nei doveri di carica. Si può provare il nostro spedizione esente da imposte

  66. Francesco says:

    Ho acquistato un anno fa un’altra autoradio Android Rk3066 ed ora ho la lingua dell’info display dell’auto (quello che si trova tra il contagiri e il contachilometri) in inglese…il vostro autoradio riporta la lingua in italiano? Grazie

  67. tarik says:

    I recement buy a M155 this week but there are a few bugs. unstable bluetooth i have to connect it manually each time i put radio on. igo with a very strong sound when mp3 playing impossible to set it via mixer of ssound .. if there is a new update of firmeware thank you by the way u do a great job

  68. Franco says:

    Ciao ho intenzione di acquistare M072 per Opel Astra J. Se acquisto anche la modifica software cosa è possibile modificare?

  69. Rakesh says:

    HI,I have problems connecting (s160 \M230\ mitsubishi outlander) to the Rockford fosgate,subwoofer does not work.
    What can be the problem

  70. Michael says:

    is M097 compatible with my 2008 Mazda cx7 with BOSE?
    My factory radio have INFO Button .
    From this button I can Switch from remain dist. , to consum, to averange consum, to averange speed.
    By model 2006-2009 is this Button only on Radio.
    Is this function possible with M097 Mazda CX-7 Media SatNav 2007-12 ?

    Thank You

    • RN-Tao says:

      M097 can fit to 2008 Mazda CX-7, the stock BOSE audio system is still supported with CAN-bus, the feature of INFO is no longer available as soon as the stock radio is replaced by S160 unit. If you also has the INFO button in steering wheel, then it still works.
      Mazda steering wheel info button

  71. Mike says:

    On the forum you mentioned there would be an upcoming version for:

    M263 Jeep Grand CherOKee

    with 20 days lead time. It does not list the years. I have a 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland Summit, the same radio was used for 2011 to 2013. Any chance the M263 would fit those years? The 3 Jeep units currently posted on the website M202, M206J, and M349 all have a slightly different fit. The 2011 to 2013 model years have the screw mounts on the top and bottom of the face, whereas the M202 and M206J have the screws on the left and right.

  72. Alain M says:


    Please i have s 160 for kia sportage 2014 working well but the primary issue it lacks is the mirrorlink via usb cable so i can fully control my phone and apps from the s160 unit. Please how can i make it work its a great option that makes driving much more easier and safer

    Waiting your promot action. Thank you

      • Alain M says:

        First thank you for your reply. I am asking for mirrolink not screen mirroring via wifi! There is an option that can give me full access over my phone when i connect it with usb cable from the headunit directly. This ia called mirrorlink. Please check videos on mirrorlink from the car to the phone. Its much more easy and better from screenmirroring ezcast screen

  73. Александр says:

    Привет. Не могу настроить управление магнитолой кнопками на руле. Помогите. Пробовал вводить код ##0323 через блютуз. там в перечне марок авто нет моей модели. у меня suzuki grand vitara 2008.

  74. Filippos says:

    Hello what will be the total price for the latest navi s160 unit silver color for Citroen C4 coupe 2007 from Greece with Ems post to avoid customs .I want Digital Tv Receiver , rear parking camera and subwoofer preout activated .Also you have a discount?

    • RN-Tao says:

      We do not have a discount but we have a review award plan which save you as much as $100USD. Please add products to cart, and you will find CALCULATE SHIPPING option in shopping cart page.

  75. juan jeronimo says:


    Estaría interesado en montar un 2 din en un passat 2006. Me podría indicar cual seria el mas adecuado? La instalación es fácil? hay problemas de consumo de batería? Que cámara trasera me aconseja?


  76. Dale Ford says:

    Hi Tao,
    I have a SAAB 9-5 Aero NG 2011 Australia with a broken Headunit (Motherboard – and no firmware update for Australia).. Do you have a suitable Android or IOS Unit? for this one?

  77. Daniel Corrales says:

    Hola, acabo de adquirir el modelo s160 M232 para mi Ecosport 2013 (vivo en Argentina y lo compre en un distribuidor de aca). Hoy me lo instalaron y estoy muy contento con la unidad. Funciona todo ok.
    Mi consulta es la siguiente, vino de fabrica con Android 4.4.4 hay algún upgrade disponible? es posible instalarle alguna version de Android mas nueva? muchas gracias

  78. M. Martin says:

    Hello RN-Tao,

    I have a 2004 Audi A6 allroad with rns-e and bose. I’ve heard from other’s here in the Netherlands that the sound quality suffered when they installed your aftermarket system and that the screen is poorly visible in direct sunlight.

    I’m very interested in your product but good sound is very important to me. A glare on the screen isn’t great, but Holland isn’t the sunniest place so that’s not my biggest concern.

    Maybe you can shed some light on what I’ve heard? Is it less quality sound than stock? And what would the costs be including shipping to the Netherlands? If the sound is just as it should be I’d be happy to put up a review here to try and debunk the rumors.

    Thanks in advance for your time.

    Kind regards,
    M. Martin

    • RN-Tao says:

      RE sound quality. I guess people are partially right about it.
      1) Assume we still using stock bose audio system after installing S160. The amplifier system is unchanged (BOSE), only difference is the pre-out audio signals. It’s a fact that original CD player has better performance than DVD in decoding audio/musics, S160 cannot match original CD player. If original has a DVD player, S160 should have better sound quality with the latest DVD mechanism.
      2) We can also use S160 built-in amp instead of original bose, we did have some positive feedback that the sound quality is better than original by using the built-in amp in S160, but we do not have any guarantee for an intuitive feeling.

  79. Javier says:

    Hola señor. Recientemente he comprado su unidad S 160 en un distribuidor de aqui en españa para el nuevo hyundai tucson 2015/2016, en la descripccion del producto dice que no admite control de comandos de voz. Mi pregunta es si ¿seria posible conseguirlo mediante la instalacion de Apps como, automate,…etc? , ¿ Tengo que conectar microfono externo servido por usted?, o ¿me vale microfono externo de mi coche?
    Otra preguntaes si ¿sera posible actualizar en un futuro del actual android 4.4.4 a 5.1 y cuanto tiempo se estima de espera?
    Un saludo y muchas gracias.

  80. Ro says:

    I have the M377 Head Unit.

    Is there a Pre-out Subwoofer output connection in my model ?

    All I see is FL/FR/RL/RR/AUXIN L/AUXIN R/VIDEO AUXIN …. bu no Subwoofer-out.

    If there’s no sub-out , What’s the alternative ? Use the FL/FR connections instead ?

    • RN-Tao says:

      Yes you can use FL/FR from Audio cable instead if your aftermarket subwoofer support filter lower frequency, if not support you may need to use a device like low-pass filter.

    • RN-Tao says:

      Double checked with the canbus decoder supplier, it is right no radio info on the instrument cluster, the decoder is one-way, only read the original car computer, no commuications.

  81. Madyen says:

    Dear Tao ;-)

    Believe it or not!!

    I bought the Xtrons (PF75AA4A) and it works great, especially the steering wheel buttons All are operation OK and also show the radio info on the LCD of the car!, not like this S160 did (show nothing on the lcd of the Audi car!) !, I recommend anyone who has an Audi A4 to buy an Xtrons unit is due to the canbus problem of the S160 unit with Audi A4 and the price (300 euro!) of it is also “too” cheap compare to this S160 one, incl. Android 5.1 and WiFi antenne on the back of it too ;-)

    Resume: S160 is NOT good for Audi A4 at all .. Buy an Xtrons one and you will be very happy with it .. Believe me mate ;-) !!!

    Wish you all , all the Best!


  82. Geni says:

    Tengo un S160 y se ha quedado colgado, no termina de arrancar. Creo que le di a una función y se quedo asi.
    ¿Existe alguna manera de reiniciar al sistema inicial?
    Me gustaría poder arreglarlo pero no veo como.

  83. Zbynek says:


    I am really interested in buyng this unit, but I am not sure what is necessary euqipment to get it working well…
    I have 2010 Kia sorento with an originál radio and I am not sure if there is need to have some amplitfer or speciial cabels or canbus or etc…
    Also I wanted it with DVBT tuner.

    Can you help me please?
    And can you recomend me where to buy?

    Thank you and best regards


  84. Enrico says:

    I’m currently using a S100 C279!
    Can i Upgrade to M279 or M483?
    What would be the best choice?
    How long will it take to ship to Germany?
    Is there a Option for free shipping or some Discount?
    Greetings from Bavaria :-)

  85. Shiam Baidjnath says:

    I have an Renault Megane 3 (2012) the BOSE line with onboard Tomtom Navigation. does the S160 support the Bose system, rear camera (factor), the joystick for my current TomTom, and the steringwheel buttons?

    Many thanks in advance.

  86. Marco P says:


    First, I purchased a S160 M085 for peugeot 206 and everything works fine including SWC and CanBus communication.
    There is only one thing that should be corrected. When I ask to display the board computer information, the original screen displays 7.9 L for average fuel consumption and the S160 screen shows the information without the decimal ; 7 L.
    How to tell support to take into account this problem ?

    • RN-Tao says:

      Have you tried reset in the settings?

      1. press setting icon in main menu.
      2. press backup&reset
      3. press factory data reset

      and check if the display for original info., with decimal or not?

  87. Andreas says:

    I’ve got a SAAB 9-5 2011 vector and the stock headunit is driving me crazy! It’s the gps unit not the greencolored basic display.

    Do you guys have anything that would fit into this SAAB?

    Best regards-//Andreas

  88. Daniel-Vasile Craciun says:

    I installed a RoadNav S160 a Chevrolet Aveo Sonic:
    1. How to set DVD image to display the time when the car is started? Basically the passenger is impossible to watch during the trip.
    2. If I install a monitor rear seat passenger can watch separately other images?
    Thanks in advance for your suport!

    • RN-Tao says:


      1. DVD image not able to show time.

      2. once you install a monitor for rear seat passenger, you could watch DVD and TV image.

  89. daring says:

    *Nice post. I learn something more challenging on different blogs everyday. It will always be stimulating to read content from other writers and practice a little something from their store. I?d prefer to use some with the content on my blog whether you don?t mind. Natually I?ll give you a link on your web blog. Thanks for sharing.

  90. Jorry says:

    I live in the Netherlands and the map is not up to date for the S160.
    Where and how do I get the update for a newer road map.
    I bought the S160 this week. And It is build in my car, it looks very good.
    My old TomTom was working perfect and yes it was up to date.
    Please help me with the update for the S160.


  91. TariQ says:

    My car is hyundai Tocson 2016, I want to convert my s100 to android, please help me
    Sys info
    RAM: 256 MB
    Flash: 256 MB
    Boot edition: B.E140716A141224
    OS edition: V.YC002.300000.131213.637 (U)(FT)…
    DVD edition: 01145351
    Servo version: 83100060
    Home edition:
    PLAYER edition:
    SD edition:
    BT edition:
    MCU edition: 590K00Q7706
    Car info: K546

  92. A Osama says:

    Hello, what is the differnece between M010 and M071 . And what is the lastest suitable system for corolla 2003

    • ZHAO MARK says:

      M010 and M071 fit for same cars, same size, only the design of the look different.
      You could choose anyone of it.

      from our experience that M010 and M071 works with corrola 2004-2011 , could you send me pic of dash board of corolla 2003. my

  93. gascoignenick says:

    Hi Tao, I bought an M056 Mitsubishi Outlander Media SatNav 07-12 s160 from you guys a couple of years ago now. its great but its asking me to update the igo navigation softare which I bought on here, plus the online traffic doesn’t work any more. any assistance gratefully received. Thanks in advance

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